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Any Attachment, Just one Solution

Think about attaching anything, anywhere, of any size and type.

Revolutionize the way you manage Salesforce attachment files through any platform, from cloud and big data platforms, and between clients or collaborators using any personal devices and mobile. offers you unlimited attachments in Salesforce and also serves as a secure share, sign and access collaboration for consumers and enterprises.


Supported Storage Servers

Different Storage Servers that supports.



Off The Shelf Solutions allows users to store files on their own storage server without any built in maximum size limit. Available on The AppExchange, it’s a fast, secure and easy way to share large files within teams and clients – regardless of the file type, transfer distance and network conditions. Users can opt for as a complete packaged solution with standard pre-set features. This can be easily implemented into your existing systems and technology without any need for customization. The off-the-shelf solution is quite useful for users who do not have any specific need in addition to what they already need. Standard application features such as multiple attachments, drag and drop, pause & resume, file versioning, upload cleaner, tag & search etc are available as they meet most or all the business requirements that you have.


Amazing features delivered

What you get is full value.

With, users can easily store the files on their own storage without any issues with the size of the files that can be attached. From a usability perspective, we have made sure that the application built to serve the modern day preferences of a user.

No limit on size

No limit on size

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Multiple Attachments

Multiple attachments

Pause and Resume

Pause & Resume Features

Search and Organize

Search & Organize



Multiple Storage Server

Multiple Storage Servers

Tag & Search

Tag & Search



File Integrity check

File Integrity Check

File Versioning

File Versioning

Upload Cleaner

Upload Cleaner

Organize in folder

Organize in Folders



Send Emails

*Email2Case/Send Email



*Features will be introduced shortly

All set with the details, just download and
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Still struggling with your specific attachment need?

We understand that business requirements can be complex and our product may not hit bullseye everytime. This reality presents us an opportunity to re-engineer to provide you additional features through our product customisation services.

Our expert team of engineers can customize to provide you tailor made features.


Custom Built


Just what you need when you need more.

Our development team can re-engineer the product to address your specific business problems. If your wish extends beyond what is already there in the off-the-shelf solution, we do have capabilities to customize the solution as per specific business requirements of the user. We engage with the client in end-to-end consulting and delivery process to figure out what would be the best combination that can be tailored for the user.

This include user preferences related to specific storage servers, including custom fields, application usage settings and a lot more. If you think your problem related to attachments warrants a different type of solution altogether, we are there to help.

All set with the details, just download and
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$5/ per user for one month. Licensing is based on the  number of active users  in your Salesforce instance

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